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What Tests Are Done


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  • Basic Ultrasound Scan – The following organs are checked-
    • Uterus – The uterus is the first important structure to be assessed in the basic scan. It is important because it gives shelter to the baby for it to grow. The inner wall (lining) of the uterus is checked for its thickness and pattern. Problems in the uterus such as fibroid, adenomyosis, polyp, adhesions etc. are assessed and plan is made to treat it accordingly. It is important to note that not all fibroids need removal. Only very big fibroids or the ones that are touching / pushing the cavity are taken care of with the help of key-hole surgery. Surgery is only done if necessary. Most patients do not need surgery for fibroids.
    • Ovaries – Next important organ to be seen on ultrasound scan are the ovaries. There are two ovaries normally. Their location, size, number of eggs and problems such as cysts, endometriosis (chocolate cyst), etc. are ruled out. If no eggs are seen in the ovaries, suggestion of donor egg is given to the couple. However, many people think that the eggs are changed without telling the couple. This is very big myth as doing this is criminal and the patient can confirm the origin of the baby with the help of DNA fingerprinting test. The choice of the centre and doctor is very important in this case as only highly qualified people are sensitised to this issue and they will never do anything without properly informing the couple and taking informed consent. The consents are safety for both the couple as well as the doctor. In case some cysts such as follicular cyst, hemorrhagic cyst etc are seen, their spontaneous resolution is awaited as most of these disappear on their own. Unnecessary surgery is avoided again. However endometriosis is a dreadful problem in which the ovary is slowly eaten away with the disease and it is very important for the patient to make the best plan with the help of a good infertility doctor. Some cases are taken directly for IVF without surgery if the number of eggs is very less. However if the number of eggs is good, surgery is done, spontaneous conception is awaited for about 6 months and if doesn’t occur, IVF is planned. Most of the times the patient is not able to understand that IVF is needed earlier and time should not be wasted because spontaneous conception is difficult because of abnormality in function of the tubes due to adhesions.
    • Tubes – Usually they are not visible on scan. However if there is a fluid collection, it will be seen. Dialatation of tubes is also know as hydrosalpinx and it is serious matter. Tubes are not working and they need to be blocked surgically as their dirty fluid is pouring into the uterus / bed where the baby is going to grow.


  • Blood tests –
    • CBC – Count of cells in the blood
    • Blood sugar to rule out diabetes
    • Viral Markers to rule out Hepatitis B or C
    • HIV
    • Test for syphilis
    • Basic liver and kidney function tests
    • Thyroid tests
    • AMH – Anti Mullarian Hormone – Done in few cases where there is a doubt of low number of eggs in the ovaries
  • PAP smear is done if the cervix is unhealthy
  • Echocardiography in case there is a known cardiac problem


  • Semen Analysis
  • Viral Markers
  • Ultrasound may be required to rule out varicocele, check testicular volume and to look for any signs of obstruction
  • Hormonal analysis such as FSH, testosterone, prolactin and thyroid may be required
  • Karyotyping – in case where there is a doubt of genetic defect
  • Y microdeletions – To check for genetic transmission (optional)
  • FNAC – Fine needle aspiration cytology – for checking if sperms are being formed in testes and incase they are, extracting them to perform ICSI


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