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Testimonials infertility patients

I have visited her only once but was very impressed by the doctor as well as the hospital. Wish you best of luck…..

Ramandeep kaur ahuja

I have never met a doctor who understands her patients so well! I was more than impressed by her. Highly recommended.

Nitish maini

She is a great doctor as well as a person. I assure no one will be disappointed by her knowledge of her field or by her behavior. Visit her for any infertility related or gynae related problem.

Rajesh Singh Bisht

Best doctor of infertility……. we are much satisfied & Dr Mandeep Kaur is very co-oprative and we are very thankful to dr.Mandeep kaur


Hello my name is Pavneet kaur wife of yadwinder Singh dr Mandip kaur is best doctor in Punjab and she is very friendly she is a god for us we got married from 2004 and now is 2018 finally I am pregnant right now after 13 years we are very thankful for Doctore Mandip kaur god bless her all the best

Gurshanpreet Bajwa

My name is Paras and i am very very thankful to Dr. Mandip IVI NOVA Jal.She is one of the best doctor in infertility treatment,specially in jalandhar city. we got treatment from so many doctors in jalandhar in 6yrs eg.dr.ritu,dr.arti and many more and some so called bigger names(Va…an) you go there and they will give you a package in your first meet (pure business).
But Dr.Mandip understands patient’s problem works on that and then decide the line of treatment.
we got treatment in june 2017 and now i am blessed with a baby. I wish my child be a doctor but a Doctor like Dr.Mandip. No more words to say…waheguru thuanu chadhian kalan ch rakhe
Thanks mam


My name is Harman i am very very thankful to Dr. Mandeep Kaur IVI NOVA Jal.She is one of the best doctor in infertility treatment,specially in jalandhar city.Dr.Mandip understands patient’s problem.
. Wageguru thuanu chadhian kalan ch rakhe

Harman Bal

If you suffer from infertility, believe me, you can not find a better doctor than her. She is a super-specialist in her field and understands your concern very well. She is very very helpful in all regards. She takes special care to do the best in least expenditure. I know cases where she could give pregancy in natural ways without ivf or iui treatment. Her success rate of ivf is also very very good. Overall – my 100% recommendation….

Honda Jazz

Best doctor… best person who understands her patients so well.. Thnk u for giving me best treatment

Priya Kalra

I have been dealing with infertility for a long time which getting me upset day by day . At last I opted for ivf and it got successful at the v first attempt, during treatment we have been informed properly n nothing is hid from us,
It was nice exp at nova.

wrecommend it to everyone
Dr.mandeep is the best doctor, she guided us and keep us motivated till it become successful.

Meenakshi Sharma

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